DIY: lavender essential oil laundry detergent

A liquid soap very easy to make and with a lovely smell of lavender essential oil!

For 500 ml soap (I started small, to try out!)

*500 ml boiling water
* 15 gr Marseille soap (with olive oil, the most natural possible), grated
* 1 ts baking soda
* 4 drops dōTERRA lavender essential oil (or lemon or any other EO of your choice)

In a large glass bowl, mix the boiling water, the grated soap and the baking soda.

Let the mixture cool completely.
If the soap has not totally melted, you can use a hand mixer and, if needed, filter the mixture.
Add the essential oil drops, pour with a funnel into the bottle (I have used the container for my previous laundry detergent, after washing and drying it thoroughly).
Shake well before use.

Find other recipes (in French) on my blog:

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