We are a team of international people who believe in a holistic approach to wellness, passionately engaged in learning and sharing about the pure essential oils we use on a daily basis to take care of ourselves, ours families and our homes safely and naturally.


valerie2Valérie – mother of two girls, married to such a precious Breton, therapist & author passionate about the human link, I fell in love with dōTERRA essential oils 3 years ago, after  trying out other brands for 10 years. Why that? QualityEducationSimplicityEthicsCommunity. And all the beautiful people I met since the journey started. My family and I use the oils daily, and for everything, I have to say: mind, body, spirit, emotions, home, pleasure… And I feel deeply such a joy, looking forward to sharing them with YOU. Contact me here.

KamillaKamilla – I am the mother of one wonderful 7-years-old daughter and originally Uzbek and Russian. I have a passion for essential oils and use them a lot in  my daily life for my family and all the people around me. I am extremely satisfied by the quality and effect of the different oils.
These magic bottles from dōTERRA  helps me be  more confident,  stronger and discover every day something new. That’s why I wish to share everything with you. Contact me here.


img_7896.jpgMagali – I am the blessed mother of a French-Norwegian 5-year-old firecracker girl, wife of my sweet Viking pen-pal from high-school and I love life, people & nature. Engaged in life-long education, professionally & personally, I look for and need harmony. Looking for whole and natural wellness solutions, I discovered and incorporated dōTERRA essential oils – pure & ethically sourced – in all aspects of our daily lives. In committing to sharing their goodness with existing & future friends, I find myself more committed to my own journey of holistic wellness. Let’s travel together! Contact me here.

photo Sarah (1)Sarah – 36 years old, French mother of two great children, living in Oslo, married to a wonderful French guy bakery enthusiast. I am a French teacher, daily cooker and blogger. I consider food as the first drug, so I try to cook as much as fresh, vegetal and local food as possible. I discovered dōTERRA essential oils a few months ago and I now use them in my everyday life, for the whole family. I also discovered that I could integrate them in my recipes: let’s visit our blog to discover my experiences ! Contact me here.

MustazaMustazamother to 2 wonderful boys and hails from Malaysia, now lucky to call Norway home. I stumbled upon dōTERRA by chance when looking for natural & holistic wellness solution for me and my family about a year ago and never looked back. I am proud to be part of the dōTERRA family and have incorporated their products in our daily life. dōTERRA provides our family a sense of assurance and safety knowing that all the oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade which means they have undergo series of quality testing protocols to ensure that the oils are safe to use. Contact me here.


Aurélien – French, married with Valérie, and father of 2 beautiful daughters. We use essential oils everyday at home. Apart from their amazing smell, I love them because they have a very wide range of use, from providing a good atmosphere in a room to help treating diseases, injuries, and assisting our emotions. I use the oils from dōTERRA for 3 main reasons: the large choice of different oils & products ; their high quality ; the ethical perspective. I will be happy to share my experiences with you on Teamessence blog! Contact me here.


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