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Kefir with lemon essential oil

A nice aperitif drink, close to the lemonade taste wise, thanks to the dōTERRA lemon essential oil…

My Christmas menu around citrus essential oils…

Some ideas for a Christmas meal with dōTERRA citrus essential oils as a common theme…

Cream of parsnip soup, hazelnuts, orange essential oil

A smooth cream soup, automnal and mischievous thanks to dōTERRA wild orange essential oil !

Cream of carrot soup with kumquat essential oil

A neat discovery: dōTERRA kumquat essential oil! A great pairing with this simple cream of carrot!

DIY exfoliating foot scrub with lemon essential oil

A scrub with just a few ingredients and so easy to make!

Small lemon essential oil & chocolate chips muffins

These muffins are very easy to make and have a nice taste of lemon thanks to dōTERRA lemon essential oil …

Curry with three cabbages (cauliflower, romanesco cabbage, kale), coral lentils and dōTERRA tangerine essential oil

An autumnal, wholesome, balanced and delicious dish: tangerine essential oil really brings out a mischievous touch to the whole mix of flavours!

DIY: lavender essential oil laundry detergent

A liquid soap very easy to make and with a lovely smell of lavender essential oil!

Any acne problem? Let’s try the doTERRA blends HD Clear or Immortelle!


DIY All-Purpose Cleaning Spray with Lemon Essential Oil

A very easy spray to make with only 3 ingredients, and a delicious smell of lemon pie on top of it!